Fiber-Wireless Integrated Networks for 5G delivery


ESR 16: Akshay Nataraj


Akshay received his master’s degree from Chalmers University of Technology in wireless photonics and space engineering before joining the FiWiN5G program at University Duisburg Essen Germany in November 2017. He is working on developing high power photodiodes which will provide high bandwidth capabilities at high frequencies. In addition to communications there are a number of additional applications such as radar, lidar, spectroscopy, imaging and measurement equipment, all requiring high-power and high-frequency photodiodes. At low microwave frequencies there are photodiodes providing output levels in the 30 dBm range and there are also photodiodes operating at several 100 GHz. In this work, the aim is to develop high-power photodiodes for the millimeter-wave regime (30-300 GHz).


The main research objectives being :

  • Investigating different layer structures of photodiodes
  • Thermal management techniques to avoid breakdown of photodiodes at high powers
  • Investigating the technique of power combining using multiple photodiodes.

Supervisor and enquiries: Prof Dr. Ing Andreas Stöhr

Host University: UDE