Integrated photonics for millimetre wave transmitter and receivers.


ESR: Ahmad Mohammad


Ahmad Mohammad received his Bachelor's degree in electrical engineering - (telecom and computer) from Birzeit University in Palestine in 2012. Then, he received Erasmus Mundus Scholarship for master's degree in photonic networks engineering, during which he studied at Aston University (UK), Scuola Superiore Sant'Anna (Italy) and the Technical University of Berlin (Germany). Now, he is a PhD student at University College London, where he is working on photonic integrated circuits for millimetre wave transmitters and receivers.


The research project aims to demonstrate integrated photonic chips as transmitters and receivers for wireless links at 10 Gb/s. This will be done through the development of simple dual laser chips (or single laser locked with an incoming WDM channel for the transmitter) as the source for both the transmitter and the receiver and transmission over 10s of meter at 10 Gb/s. The work will also investigate the potential for integration with fast photodetectors as they could be used as both the emitter and a photonically driven mixer for the receiver. The work will concentrate mostly in the E-Band although the work is likely to extend to the THz range.


The project is conducted in collaboration with III-V lab in Paris, France and will involve a secondment to University of Carlos III of Madrid for up to 6 months for assessment of the chips within a transmission system in the UC3M test-bed.


Supervisor and enquiries: Dr Cyril Renaud

Host University: UCL

Secondment: UC3M

Industrial Partner: III-V Lab