Integrated optical beamforming for mm-wave communications.



This research project aims to develop opto-electronic technologies to enable beamsteering for mm-wave back/front haul systems. The project will consider the integration of optical true-time beamsteering techniques to provide squint free steering with electronic techniques to provide high tuneability. The work will be based on the use of coherent optical reception techniques as an key enabler of mm-wave systems. The project aims to produce a prototype and system demonstration of a wide-bandwidth ~10GHz, steerable antenna in the mm-wavebands (70-90GHz).


The project is conducted in collaboration with BAE Systems Advanced Technology Centre, UK and will involve a secondment to DTU for up to 6 months to integrate and test the proof-of-concept prototype in the DTU test-bed.


Supervisor: Prof John Mitchell

Host University: UCL, London, UK

Secondment: Technical University of Denmark, DTU

Industrial Partner: BAE Systems