Sampling and demodulation of RF signals modulated by multi-GBits/s data streams.


ESR: Róbert Horváth


Róbert Horváth has received his Bachelor and Master Degree from Budapest University of Technology and Economics in Hungary respectively in 2013 and 2015. His specialization was in high frequency wireless communication. Currently he is an Early Stage Researcher at IMEP-LAHC laboratory (Grenoble-INP, France), working in the FiWiN5G Marie Sklodowska-Curie Innovative Training Network. His topic is “Sampling and demodulation of RF signals modulated by multi-Gbit/s data streams”, the research done in this project will enable him to receive the PhD degree. His interests are in photonic devices, photosensitive switches, high speed analog-digital conversion and high frequency circuits.


Fiber optics, photonic and RF technologies will be at the core of next generation communication networks. Today multi GBits/s Radio Frequency (RF) communication links working at 60 GHz or above are under development. They take benefit from complex (QPSK, QAM) modulation schemes of the RF carrier which may require dedicated detection systems including heterodyne detection and/or high speed Analog to Digital Conversion. For these operations, the use of optoelectronic components such as hybrid optical-RF mixer or photonic assisted sampler, may open the way to systems with increased performances and compactness.
The goal of the proposed work is to make use of such a component that allows the mixing in between a RF signal carrying the data and an optical signal that may acts either as a clock (for sampling operation) or as local oscillator (for heterodyne detection). The work includes the development of the component and its integration into a photonic assisted RF signal detection apparatus. The impact of this sub-system onto the performances of a high data rate wireless RF / optical (Radio over Fiber) communication link will be finally assessed.

This research work will be realized through a consortium of 3 partners engaged in the FiWiN5G project. The ESR/ PhD student will mainly work at IMEP-LAHC laboratory (France) and will take part in a secondment to University College of London- Photonics Group (United Kingdom). THALES TSA (France) will co-supervised the work as industrial partner. The ESR will fully take part of the overall FiWiN5G project and will follow dedicated training periods and attend topical schools organized within the frame of the ITN project.

Supervisors : Dr Jean François Roux, and Pr. Béatrice CABON,

Host University: G-INP

Secondment: UCL

Industrial Partner: Thales TSA (France)