Electro-Optical Oscillator for mm-wave range

ESR: Mehmet Alp Ilgaz


Mehmet Alp Ilgaz, received my bachelor of science degree from Yeditepe University, Istanbul, Turkey. Then, I wanted to pursue my career abroad therefore I started to pursue my master degree at Electronics Engineering Master Programme of Bologna University.

About my PhD, I am currently studying about opto-electronics oscillator (OEO). I will work on OEO for mili-meter wave range. OEO brings an advantage that it produces optical and microwave output simultaneously. In addition, with OEO, the phase noise is independent from frequency. Radio over fiber technology could benefit from these advantageS to design the high-frequency devices.


This research will focus on the development of low-noise electro-optical oscillator in the mm-wave range (30 GHz). The main object is to increase the oscillation frequency of the feedback loop that converts modulated optical signals to mm-wave as well as achievement of low phase noise, side-mode suppression and frequency regulation. Such mm-wave oscillator will be researched and designed to enable the high-bitrate, optically supported, wireless links.

Supervisor and enquiries: Ass. Prof. Bostjan Batagelj

Host University: UL

Secondment: UCL

Industrial Partner: InLambda