Polarization Insensitive Millimeter-Wave Heterodyne Coherent Detection Schemes for RoF overlay over PON.

ESR: Bilal Hussain


Bilal Hussain was born in Mansehra, a beautiful valley located in Himalayas, north of Pakistan. He has received his masters degree in the field of Microwave Engineering from Chalmers University of Technology, Sweden in the year 2011. He has been working with Ericsson AB Sweden and Arkivator AB Sweden for various RF design projects. In 2012, He was offered a position within a FP7 project SENSEIVER at INESC Porto, Portugal. Mr, Bilal Hussain has extensive experience with RF Integrated Circuits, Antenna Design and Metamaterials. Currently, He is employed at CNIT (Consorzio Nazionale Interuniversitario per le Telecomunicazioni ) Pisa, Italy as an Early Stage Researcher within H2020 project FiWiN5G. The main objective of his work is to implement a polarization insensitive coherent detection scheme for millimeter wave receiver in a passive optical network.


Design of subsystems for cost-effective direct up-conversion to millimeter wave of PON signals based on heterodyne coherent detection. Advance the state of the art of direct upconversion by implementation of low-complexity polarization insensitive approaches in the coherent receivers. Study the compatibility of the proposed up-conversion schemes within the technical specifications and the requirements of PON networks of future and currently installed standards


Supervisor and enquiries: Ph.D. Ing. Antonella Bogoni

Host University: CNIT

Secondment: UDE

Industrial Partner: Ericsson