Publications and Deliverables

Project Publications


Public Deliverables and Milestones


MS5 Future System Requirements


D1.1 Supervisory Board of the Network (M2)

D1.2 Website Development (M3)

D1.4 Progress Report (M13)

D1.5 Draft Periodic Report (M24)

D1.6 Mid-term review meeting (M26)

D1.7 Periodic Report (M26)

D1.8 Final Periodic Report (M48)


D2.1 Photonic Integration of devices for mm-wave systems (M36)

D2.2 System functionalities for photonic based high-capacity wireless communications (M36)

D2.3 System demonstrations of advances mm-wave (M44)

D2.4 Final report on technology developments of FiWiN5G (M48)


D4.2 Final Exploitation report (M48)